Wednesday, March 13, 2013


oh, hello there, blog. it's been awhile, no? i'm not sure if i'm officially dusting off the cobwebs here, as tumblr seems like an enticing alternative. truth be told, i'm still on the fence. with the blog, tumblr, facebook, and instagram, i feel like i need to simplify and sidestep the social media overload... know what i mean? hopefully, this explains my absence. what do you think? are blogs a thing of the past?

on a completely different topic, here are some photos of a doll i've been making at craft night. i like to think she's a cross between linda rodin and coraline. as you might've guessed, she's in dire need of clothing - a project i've been procrastinating since i haven't quite figured out how to address those sloping shoulders. cap sleeves might be the answer. in the meantime, she will have to work with what she's got - green tights. poor girl.

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  1. i can see her with a little puff sleeve top with a shirred elastic cuff/hem.