Thursday, December 17, 2009



A couple of weeks ago I attended a workshop hosted by Sasha Duerr of Permacouture Institute and Sonoma County artist Catherine Richardson. We had the pleasure of dying samples of fabrics and wool roving using rainwater and local plants. Pics of roving tufts to come. Above: Shibori using Japanese Maple on cotton.



Above: Shibori using Japanese Maple on linen. And now, what to make with the samples of fabric? Napkins?


This is my LONG overdue quilting project that I just finished a couple of days ago! My brother has had his doubts that I'd ever finish. I purchased all of this fabric (except for the natural linen) from a store in Mill Valley called Ambatalia. Though sadly no longer, you can actually contact Molly through Ambatalia's blog for all kinds of enviro-friendly fabric. In any case, the fabric used for this quilt comes from one of the few remaining plant indigo suppliers in Japan called Tsurukichi -specifically dyed by master indigo dyer Yasuo Nakajima. I constantly kick myself for not having bought more fabric!




The quilt is reversible with a different pattern on the back, again using plant dyed indigo fabric. Pictures of the reverse to be posted when I feel motivated to remake the bed. Clearly, I got a little carried away with the blue and white stripe, as the quilt features leftover scraps from the duvet cover beneath (which I also made).


Just finished: two saches (about 3" x 4.5") filled with lavender from my mom's garden -a summer "harvesting" project I'm only completing now. Hand-stitched on linen while watching Gervais' Extras. I think I need to broaden my embroidery skills since I'm clearly all about the running stitch. Smells so good!