Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ny... in conclusion

// manhattan

west village, ny
warby parker, ny
highline, ny
highline, ny
west village, ny
frankies, ny
frankies, ny
frankies, ny
freemans restaurant, ny

/ 1 meatpacking district / 2 warby parker / 3 - 4 the high line / 5 west village / 6 - 8 frankies / 9 freemans

[ endless thanks to lissa and jennifer for their wonderful new york recommendations! looks like i'm going to have to come back to ny to continue through their list of must-see places. ]

Monday, April 23, 2012

very french gangsters - prescription glasses / sunglasses for kids
via illka von torok via trendland

Thursday, April 19, 2012

a continuation of my ny trip

// brooklyn

brooklyn museum
keith haring @ brooklyn museum

was it naive of me to think i could explore brooklyn in a single day? yes, definitely. i came to this realization after spending more time than i anticipated at brooklyn museum's keith haring exhibit (pictured above), which left only a couple of hours to soak in williamsburg. some highlights:

eats // van leeuwen for ice cream / five leaves for the five leaves burger (pictured below)

five leaves, brooklyn
five leaves, brooklyn

shops // mociun for jewelry and textiles / brook farm general store for all household needs / bird for clothing i can't afford but desperately want / moon river chattel for rustic home goods (my mom's favorite bk store) / mast brothers chocolate for the obvious / beautiful dreamers for special curiosities + gifts

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


an old drawing of mine. my friend liz is now contemplating getting these characters as a tattoo! yowza.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sonoma, ca
sonoma, ca
sonoma, ca
chicken pozole verde at el molino central
blue bottle new orleans at el molino central
overlook trail, sonoma
overlook trail, sonoma
overlook trail, sonoma
overlook trail, sonoma

still dreaming of my weekend in sonoma, ca...

1 - 3 // a view from my parents' home
4 - 5 // chicken pozole verde + blue bottle new orleans iced coffee at el molina central
6 - 9 // a hike on the overlook trail

Sunday, April 15, 2012

// chinatown


in my mind, there's only one chinatown.
it exists in nyc.


my trip to ny came to an end over a week ago. with all of the dinners, lunches, and dimsums, my stomach could probably benefit from the reprieve. just the same, i keep dreaming about the yummy chinese dishes and snacks that i had with my grandma - things i grew up eating that i haven't found here in oakland despite futile efforts. let's just say, i made up for lost time. for those of you who have a chinese grandma (what?! you don't have one?!), you know that no two snacks/dishes are the same. it's all about going to THE vendor - the one who makes it fresh. here's a (very) short guide to the vendors that provide some of my favorites:

// 27 sunshine seafood restaurant (46 bowery) - best dimsum, in my opinion. get there before 11am and bring friends, as more people means you can try more dishes. be sure to order...

gnaw-cherng (pictured above), which is beef wrapped in white noodle with a sweet soy sauce
dan-taht (pictured below), an egg custard in a pastry shell


// fung wong bakery (41 mott street) - for lo-paw-beng, a round flakey pastry with a translucent white winter melon paste in the center.

// great ny noodletown (28 bowery) - for pork and wonton noodle soup.

// fong inn too (46 mott) - for bah-hong-tee, a white sugar sponge cake. it goes best with cha-siu, a bbq sweet roast pork (pictured below).


and to think, there are so many other hidden gems in chinatown! more ny pics to come.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i'm obsessed with covet garden's april issue featuring nikole herriott of herriott grace. she makes her 390 square foot apartment look nothing short of amazing. white + wood? sold.