Sunday, April 15, 2012

// chinatown


in my mind, there's only one chinatown.
it exists in nyc.


my trip to ny came to an end over a week ago. with all of the dinners, lunches, and dimsums, my stomach could probably benefit from the reprieve. just the same, i keep dreaming about the yummy chinese dishes and snacks that i had with my grandma - things i grew up eating that i haven't found here in oakland despite futile efforts. let's just say, i made up for lost time. for those of you who have a chinese grandma (what?! you don't have one?!), you know that no two snacks/dishes are the same. it's all about going to THE vendor - the one who makes it fresh. here's a (very) short guide to the vendors that provide some of my favorites:

// 27 sunshine seafood restaurant (46 bowery) - best dimsum, in my opinion. get there before 11am and bring friends, as more people means you can try more dishes. be sure to order...

gnaw-cherng (pictured above), which is beef wrapped in white noodle with a sweet soy sauce
dan-taht (pictured below), an egg custard in a pastry shell


// fung wong bakery (41 mott street) - for lo-paw-beng, a round flakey pastry with a translucent white winter melon paste in the center.

// great ny noodletown (28 bowery) - for pork and wonton noodle soup.

// fong inn too (46 mott) - for bah-hong-tee, a white sugar sponge cake. it goes best with cha-siu, a bbq sweet roast pork (pictured below).


and to think, there are so many other hidden gems in chinatown! more ny pics to come.


  1. Oh man.. it may only be 8 am but i want all of that. Now

    1. tell me about it - i'm in withdrawal.

  2. oh man i miss nyc chinatown so much! montreal's really doesn't compare, it's like a few blocks with a handful of semi-decent dim sum places. i still prefer the SF chinatown to nyc, though! : )

    1. natasha, i might need to get your reccos for SF chinatown!

  3. Can't wait to see what else you checked out! I want a NY visit!

    1. lissa, thank you SO much for your NY suggestions. i hit up quite a few of them and will share shortly :)

  4. I've recently moved to Beijing, but there were many 2 am nights where I would bike home and stop by Great NY Noodletown for a piping hot bowl of beef noodles. It was such a private pleasure.