Friday, August 27, 2010


feels good to roll up my sleeves and bake some chocolate chip cookies. i was worried about my incorporation of unbleached whole wheat flour and raw sugar, but thankfully, it all worked out. tasty tasty. the pros of baking alone: you don't have to share the mixing paddles caked in cookie dough with anyone - you can lick the spindles to your heart's delight. 


  1. hi nicole
    i love your blog... just came here for the first time. i'll have to add it to my favorites! where do you live in oakland?

  2. hey lena! so glad you stopped by :) i've actually been meaning to contact you as my friend sam (formerly at elle decor) introduced me to your work. i actually live in rockridge, so temescal farmers market is my sunday morning stop for produce and lunch. seems like all i do is eat here in california!

  3. oh i miss working with sam! say hello to him for me. i'm always thinking about moving back to the bay area, and i wonder about living in oakland. it's a little warmer than sf! but i love ny so much, it's a tough decision. we ate so well on this ca trip... mmmmm...

  4. sam's actually now (or soon to be) working at architectural digest - will def tell him you say hi! oakland is certainly warmer, sunnier, and lovely, but i find myself having similar thoughts to your own - only reverse. i dream of moving back to new york all the time... but without the humidity!