Wednesday, October 6, 2010



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  1. This book is amazing. I am so inspirered. Wow, I can't wait to see what you do.

  2. Hi Nicole! I just spent the last two days looking over your entire blog! I was so sad when I hit the last page. I'm usually so checked out when it comes to the blog world, but I've been relying on the inspiration and beauty of the world wide web quite a bit lately while I recover from one ailment after another. I'm loving your loads of hand knit socks, the food photos that make my mouth water, your breathtaking quilts, the great music, and your amazing drawings. Seeing your journal entries especially makes my jaw drop (i'm terrible at documenting my crafting process) and your beautiful handwriting, illustrations and diagrams are quite the inspiration.

    Thanks for providing the best distraction ever!

  3. @ellybeth, thank you so much for your sweet comments! the blog has been a labor of love, as i'm sure you understand the difficulties of trying to be consistent about posting. i guess documenting my creative process, however challenging at times, allows me to gauge my own diligence. it makes me accountable for my work :) so glad to hear you're enjoying perusing the blog especially since your blog has long been a stellar source of inspiration for me! you pretty much had me at the first knitted sweater.