Thursday, November 4, 2010


is everyone knitting these days? really seems like it. i hesitate to take on another project while i work on the quilt, namely because i've been known to abandon main projects for hypothetical side projects. since the backbreaking nature of working on the floor (our apartment is too small for a large table) can get old, i decided to take a little break. sitting on the couch with newly purchased skeins of manos wool from my weekend in st. helena seems so much more appealing at the moment. unfortunately, the sunny + 70 degree weather makes knitting seem a little irrelevant.


i'm using my mom's childhood knitting book as a refresher - from 1959! it's comforting to know that knitting hasn't changed much. hairstyles on the other hand...

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  1. Hahaha. Most kids grow up reading Curious George, The Magic School Bus, etc. Mom, on the other hand, read knitting books.