Tuesday, March 22, 2011


m and i leave this weekend for a roadtrip from home (oakland, california) to makaria farm on vancouver island - 3 hours west of vancouver, canada. he'll be starting an 8-month farm apprenticeship where he'll learn the ins and outs of organic farming. big changes for m! as for me? i'll still be in oakland doing my thing... with one less cohabitant :)

so... as we excitedly prep for our roadtrip (see above pics of m jumping around in new overalls for farming adventure), can anyone recommend places to see / visit in portland? so far, our only plan is to stay at the ace hotel, whose decor my boss jokingly described as "army surplus chic"...


  1. Powell's Books on Burnside. It is my favorite place in Portland!

  2. We stayed at the Ace when we were there in 09 and a morning stop at Stumptown in the lobby is a must. We liked it much better than the Ace in NYC - more relaxing, less horrifically crowded.
    Forest Park is a must visit too. Have fun! :)

  3. hmm, there's lots of fun stuff here in portland. for shops, check out alder&co, canoe, knit/purl, ink&peat. cute neighborhoods are n. mississippi street, n. williams. the japanese garden is nice if you're looking to get outside. enjoy your time here!

  4. thank you so much for all the recommendations! i can't wait, although i hope it doesn't rain...

  5. I love the Ace. Clyde common is amazing as is stumptown. it's close to powells, Frances May and lower burnside is just across the bridge. amazing thrifting.