Wednesday, November 2, 2011


oh, it has been a busy past couple of weeks! where to start? i've been nursing a cold and cough with a lot of home cooking and knitting projects (above). the holidays are just around the corner and i'm beginning to wonder if i can complete all of the gifts i initially set out to make. i'm not feeling the stress... yet.

by the way, have you listened to this interview featuring alice waters? last night, m and i attended a talk she hosted with robert reich at UC berkeley and found her to be a little frustrating. she seems to sidestep a lot of the questions. but still, it was a worthwhile lecture overall.


  1. hope you feel better now. knitting looks good already.

  2. can I say I love how a sock is knitted. still haven't attempted my goal of sock knitting this year. but there's still time.

    and I really like robert reich. I haven't read his book or anything but several years ago he did the commencement speech at berkeley for a graduation I was attending and he was so inspiring.

  3. @primoeza - still coughing but i'm determined not to let it slow me down!

    @caroline - reich was definitely the highlight of the evening. he asked such great questions and seemed to make an effort to steer the lecture towards the audience's questions. and so likable and funny too!

  4. i took a grad class with robert reich once at berkeley -- talk about charismatic. and although i generally agree with her food philosophy, i'm not a fan of alice waters, esp. her take on socio-economics and food (or lack thereof).

  5. @joyce - i completely agree with you. she seemed unable to answer reich's questions about...

    - the legitimacy of a pricey program given the budget cuts from which schools already suffer

    - whether there was a control group of students benefiting from an "edible education" that could be used as quantitative proof of its efficacy

    by the end of it, reich sort of answered the questions for her :)

  6. yeah, i wondered how the dynamic between the former secretary of labor and the chez panisse lady would play out!

  7. perfect knitting, get well soon. have a nice, cosy weekend :)