Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I promised a friend that I'd make her a quilt when she got engaged... and then 3 weeks later she got engaged! Despite the fact that I have a solid year and a half to make this quilt, I've been feeling a little uninspired lately. Luckily, I found Abby Clawson Low's incredible quilts today on Hi + Low via Lena Corwin's blog - and now I'm itching to start! P.S. Congrats Adge!!



  1. Thanks Co! I think your quilt promise may have been Shaun’s inspiration to pop the question…just sayin’. I am so excited for the best wedding present ever!

  2. i'm researching sewing machines to get started on your quilt adge :)

  3. Love the quilt Nicole, thanks for the weaving advise. I will try it.