Friday, December 17, 2010


for xmas, i decided to get my mom this set of fog linen placemats. not surprisingly, i ended up getting the large gingham pattern for myself. i love the simple packaging that each set arrived in.


  1. ooh nice! do you buy from their website? i always want to but find it a bit confusing.

  2. i heart fog linen. do you have their "around fog linen" catalog book...the photos are really beautiful.

  3. @ primoeza - i was a little miffed at how to buy from their site as well, but i emailed them and mayumi was super nice + helpful. she handled the yen conversion from me and it was a cinch from there. i highly recommend!

    @ kristi - i've only seen snippets of the catalog on the web and my gosh, so beautiful. still contemplating that purchase :)

  4. They are so lovely, you sound like me, I always buy gifts for other people, then some of the same for myself !!!

  5. oh, thanks for the reply.
    i left a little award for you on my blog :)