Friday, June 3, 2011

photo 1

hoping i ditch the winterwear sometime soon... seaming as it's june and all.


  1. I've refused to put on a pair of tights for about a week now, even in torrential rainfall. People might think I'm a little crazy, but it sure feels good to have bare legs!!

  2. We're just heading into winter in Australia, so I'm just starting to get into my winter gear. I hope the season changes for you soon. :)

  3. me too...and it is just the beginning here. at least you look cute.

  4. Lovely outfit!

    We've had extremely hot weather in Finland for the last couple of weeks. That added to working at a garden where the temperature inside the greenhouses rises +15 C, it's almost too much.

    I hope you'll get warm weather there too!