Sunday, June 12, 2011


i took a little break from the blog to finish this bad boy, and guess what? finished!! it's such a nice feeling to see something through to absolute completion - especially if you've got some other quilt designs in mind. pics to come. in the meantime, i introduce you to my cousins curly-haired cat, b.v. we spent some quality time this weekend, as i did some last minute cat sitting. i find b.v. fascinating because she's unlike most cats. she's not particularly graceful and she's so deadpan. i've never met a more serious looking kitty, though she is definitely the sweetest. i also think she's the funniest - whether she means to be or not.

[above: b.v. gets her portrait done by her owner]


  1. That is one crazy looking cat!

  2. I was wondering what that first photo was all about, haha!

    That is probably the most unique looking kitty I've ever seen.

    Also, can't wait to see your finished quilt! It's a dream for me to even attempt to make one.

  3. That cat doesn't look real! That expression is insane! Good job on finishing the quilt :)

  4. your cousin's cat is hysterical. i know what you mean about deadpan - our cat has a dry sense of humour. hard to describe how, but we just know it.

  5. That is a bad ass sketch. Haha.
    PS Lovin your blog!

  6. you cousins cat is the best deadpan cat ive ever seen. awesome pic, it's captured so much personality!!