Monday, July 18, 2011

eating these

while planning this

lately, i've been avoiding the computer big time and consequently, that means the blog as well. i was at work on the computer per usual when my neck muscles froze up and made all activities nearly impossible. i blame excessive computer time, hence my absence. on the plus, slight incapacitation means lying on the couch all day planning the next project... and also watching episodes of my so called life nonstop... you know, for research... or something.

also - just so you know, this site is not me... but gosh, people have been thinking it is. what to do?


  1. I love my so called life..I remember how much I couldn't believe that they stopped after the first season...I got the whole dvd box for my birthday:) too good

  2. @maria - i keep trying to ration out the episodes, but i really can't help myself.

  3. I have been snacking on cherries lately too! My fruit of choice when they are offered to me ;)

    I am so envious of your quilting skills! Perhaps I should get a machine and that would motivate me? I don't know if I can imagine finishing a quilt by hand!

  4. hope your neck is ok - i can totally sympathise. love your images, the process is so interesting. i should post about it more too.
    oh, and annoying about that website - have you contacted them? the confusion wouldn't be good for them either. maybe you could persuade them to change if you grabbed the name first??

  5. Hope you are feeling much better, a frozen neck is definitely telling you something, maybe is not only about the amount of time you spend at the computer but the tension that is accumulating on your shoulder. I love your sketches, so neat and clear.
    I agree with Primoeza about the website.

  6. @primoeza and lacasita - still waiting to hear back from the other website -i'll keep you posted on what they say. i definitely feel weird about the whole thing, but here's to hoping it all works out.