Friday, July 8, 2011

thanks to la casita (check out her blog!) for tagging me in "tell me seven things about how you dress". so here goes...

/ 1 / this is my "go to" outfit: striped shirt, jeans, mocs and sunglasses. throw in a cardigan of some sort and i'm set. and if there's a cookie in the cardigan pocket - all the better to snack on later.
/ 2 / i think cosabella bras are the best for the petite (such as myself). yes, they're a little pricey but sometimes a good bra is hard to find. my thoughts? stick with a good thing.
/ 3 / i definitely wear a lot of black, white and grey. i wish i wore more color - especially in the summer! i can't seem to break out of the habit of buying and wearing such a limited color range... 
/ 4 / i don't usually wear a lot of jewelry - usually it's just my watch and something simple. but lately, i've been wearing my mom's thin coil ring on the left middle finger and a pinky ring that my dad received as a child on my right hand. odette's fox necklace has also been an everyday staple as of late.
/ 5 / my denim jacket (purchased from a favorite noho thrift store ages ago) is a prized possession. while it's starting to fray at the edges, it seems to only get better with age. 
/ 6 / i generally don't like to wear socks, but i make an exception when it comes to nicomade socks :)
/ 7 / i really like simple, unfussy bags like clare vivier's la trop. it's the best because it has clean lines without being boring and it's large enough to hold all of my stuff (yarn and knitting needles included).

i tag stephanie reneeangelajodicara, and kelli ann
have a great weekend!


  1. thank you for playing along! I love your style and that fox necklace, and I like to use my mother tongue here because it sounds better:
    "e' stupenda!"

  2. hehe, yay! thanks for the tag, i'll see what i can come up with :) striped tees are my "go to" outfit as well, so many stripes!

  3. i love this feature idea! my color palette looks identical to yours... i branch out here and there, but mostly i return to black, grey, white, navy and stripes (stripes is a color, right? :) i love those rings too - very pretty!

  4. i am gray, white, black, and little bit of light pink has been appearing lately...i like it that way though. simple and classic. x.

  5. thanks for tagging me, i am going to try to make this happen! our style will definitely overlap!

  6. @roberta jane, when i was thinking about my "go to" outfit, i felt inclined to refer readers to your "for the fourth" post :)

  7. wearing a lot of black, white and grey is also my everyday basic, I wish more color in the summer as well!

  8. I swear this could have been written by me.

  9. i love the grey items. . .
    it's freezing here and yesterday I found myself wearing grey thermals, grey shirt, grey sleeveless sweater + grey cardigan. I don't think it was intentional . . .
    your blog is sweet!