Sunday, March 25, 2012


remember this yarn? i decided to knit it into brooklyn tweed's rosebud hat. after finishing a knitting project, i always want to make a couple of tweaks. i'm often left wondering how many versions it will take before i feel like the pattern is right. revise, revise again, revise some more... so it goes.


  1. well i think it looks great. but i do understand the importance of tweaking.

  2. i agree with elizabeth; it is a lovely pattern and yarn and you've certainly done them justice.

    i think tweaking and ripping out knitting is often a good thing: a sign that you want to make something really, really nice, not just 'make something'. perhaps that sounds snobby, but there's nothing like the sense of achievement when you've made something that is perfectly yours...

  3. @primoeza, @annelouiselikes, thanks so much! i'm still learning to be patient with the unraveling/re-knitting process despite knowing that i will inevitably have to alter a pattern.

  4. i think your version looks lovely. the first time i knit this hat it was ginormous so i tweaked it again, but still not perfect. i think i heard somewhere that you are not ready to knit if you are not ready to rip out your knitting and start all over. or that may be my ocd? ;)

  5. It's impeccable. I'm the same, I ravel and unravel until I'm happy with the result, that is the way to peace of mind.

  6. i don't usually have the desire to take up knitting, but i do wish i could whip myself up a cute hate like this one!