Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cleaned the desk to clear the mind. I got a second wind late last night and felt a need to rid myself of old paperwork, newspaper clippings, and misc files to start anew with a no-nonsense space to help my brain breathe.


Feeling like the wall looks spare, but maybe that's a good thing. What do you think?


Wall tidbits are:
1. a Maggie Haas postcard
2. tuft of Japanese maple dyed wool
3. gouache painting inspired by Anni Albers
4. photos of Clydesdale horses in Sonoma


  1. I think the horse pictures should be moved 2mm to the right. Other than that, PERFECTION!!!

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  3. so nicole! love it! everything neat, orderly, the lamp shade shiny! wall too spare? well, it would be nice if it had room to grow, to show a few of your marker sketches; e.g, the delightful rabbit ears. thing is, spare is what clears the mind, so it's a perfect beginning. ;)

  4. jamers - am i seeing you next monday??

  5. nics - yes! when/where shall we meet? i'll be driving into oakland that a.m., not overnighting sun, so nothing before maybe 10:30 a.m.? i'm still forming up thoughts of what to go see. your itinerary ideas warmly received.

  6. hmm - i don't think i can get off work, but i'll send you an email to discuss. i was thinking after 5pm?

  7. what about an art day sunday?