Monday, May 31, 2010


Goodbye clouds, hello summer! Homemade pizza fest (thank you Erica + Alex!) + a day at the beach + too many breakfasts at Rockridge Cafe + Mad Men = perfect long weekend.


  1. this piece is such an intriguing mix of elements! it makes the whole mysterious and attractive.. i guess the distant beach and ocean (beyond intervening green hills??) are displacing rain and clouds. and none too soon.. and then there's the girl's antlers, or are they hands clawing toward the release of summer & beach? such a sweet girl. she looks as though she might like to read a lot. lying out on a beach blanket? a babylon of sweet release..? anyway, hi nics!

  2. i originally envisioned thick, bulbous, heavy clouds but i love the green hills/mountains interpretation. mike thought the same thing :) and yes those are antlers - because everyone needs a little protection at times.