Wednesday, February 16, 2011


after much deliberation, i finally decided to purchase two persian jajim flatweave rugs that i've been eyeing for some time. while both rugs are in pretty great condition, i love the slightly dulled colors which now make the bedroom and living room seem cozy and lived-in. i'm a sucker for cozy.


  1. They're beautiful! Where did you get them from (if you don't mind me asking)? We need some rugs for winter so I'm starting the Great Search now.

  2. hi ella! i don't mind at all - i ended up getting these rugs at an antique shop in sonoma, california called sonoma country antiques. but if it's any help, i think ebay is actually a great resource for some great kilim-esque rugs. hope this helps!

  3. these are both so nice. i've been buying up rugs for my cold wood-floored house too.

    ..and drinking water out of jars is the best :)

  4. Hi Nicole, your blog is so beautiful..thanks for commenting on my blog that I could discover it :) I was just going through of your posts...what a great sense of style you have...and you are such a great crafter (the socks and the quilt (!), look amazing, I am wishing in my dreams to have more time to be crafty, I have all these projects in books and in my head) were asking about the salt water sandals. THEY are super comfortable, I am a "walker" too and when I walk to work 30 min. I feel like I am walking on clouds :) they are so comfy..I have quiet a "normal" foot..but I have the feeling they tend to be a bit wide in the front of the foot...They are definitely not to tight...have a great weekend

  5. thanks maria! i've been thinking about those saltwater sandals but haven't found any stores where i can try them on. they look super cute - good to know they're comfy too!