Monday, February 7, 2011


i've been trying out different toe variations, which basically means an ongoing process of knitting and unraveling stitches. my toes like a bit of room, so i've opted for a less angled (and therefore less snug) finish. left sock wins. but of course, i prefer the blue so i ended up undoing both socks. 


  1. i just spent the whole weekend trying new toe techniques! my toes feel a little suffocated in handmade socks since i have a wide toe box, so i usually do a pretty rounded toe. the only problem is i don't like having any bumpy parts touching my toes (like the top of the decreases or woven in ends). i've been trying to figure out something more comfortable. i ended up using this technique (,_No_Wraps!) on the heel and toe, except for i just did top down like usual instead of toe up. after knitting the short row toe, i grafted a seam on the top of the foot (like a commercial sock) so the woven in ends wouln't bother my toes. it sounds complicated, but once i practiced a bit i got the hang of it. the video is so helpful if you feel like trying it. watch the one right after it too, since it shows how to pick up the stitches more clearly.

    p.s. is the rowan felted wool itchy on the feet? i looked at some in a yarn store one time, thinking about it for socks, but i was worried it might itch. i love how it looks.

  2. love the colours and you're very neat. knitting and unknitting - i know all about that!

  3. @ jenny - thank you so much for the tip! i'll def try it out this week since i'm in toe mode. i may have some questions for you when i try it out as it looks somewhat complicated :) i feel like i'm running a "test kitchen" since i've also been trying out different cast-on methods. i'm loving the german twisted cast on for socks thus far. have you tried it out? super stretchy.

    rowan yarn is not itchy to me, though my feet are rarely ever itch-prone when it comes to socks. they're kind of fuzzy/hairy, so they might be slightly ticklish on the ankles.

    @ primoeza - oh the endless process of knitting an unknitting. you can imagine my glasses are getting a lot of use with all of the little stitches! can't wait to get your sweater in the mail :)

  4. These look adorable. I am looking for a good sock pattern...

  5. your knitting pictures make me want to start working on learning how to knit socks. I have everything ready, I just need to find the time..