Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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my parents came back from new york with all kinds of chinese goodies that i grew up eating. as a kid, these treats didn't seem like anything special, but absence always makes the heart grow fonder. as in, my inability to find anything remotely close to these yummy chinese snacks and dishes has caused me to long for them dearly. in my opinion, east bay's chinatown has nothing on new york. above, "deung" made by my mom's aunt. deung consists of lapcheong (chinese sausage) and peanuts in sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf. comfort food heaven.

have no idea what i'm talking about? don't worry - i can go so far as to haphazardly order dim sum in barely intelligible cantonese. but with this, maybe there's hope.


  1. oh man. we ordered a ton of this at dim sum last weekend and it brought back soo many amazing memories. even though it wasn't even that great, i still loved what it made me think of — growing up and having it properly in san diego dim sum places. total comfort food!

  2. my grandmother makes the best ones! i feel very lucky to live with her because she teaches me so much