Monday, May 2, 2011


alameda flea market - the best.
unfortunately for me, 0 purchases and 1 sunburn.


  1. ohhh how come? it looks like a wonderful place for junkaholics like me :)
    Hope the sunburn is not too bad : (
    (thanks for your words at mine).

  2. i love to look at everything, but then my minimalistic tendencies kick in - thankfully.

  3. That flea market looks like it could be become one of my favourite places! There's nothing like that up here in Vancouver, but indulge in my fair share of them in PA over the summers.

  4. I admire minimalistic tendencies...I'm trying really hard to pursue this kind of lifestyle.
    I am -as a matter of fact- in a de-cluttering process or ditch the junk! : ))

  5. @la casita, decluttering is the best. when in doubt, throw it out! or you know, donate it - though that doesn't rhyme. you can do it!

    @angela, i'm a sucker for a good flea market. this one in alameda is sprawling so a strong coffee and good snacks are a must. as is sunscreen, but i clearly forgot that one. really? no good flea markets in vancouver?

  6. i couldn't have walked way without those wire baskets.