Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the talented elizabeth of primoeza (from whom i purchased my favorite sweater) tagged me in...

seven things... 
as in seven things you don't know about me

1. my nickname among family members and close friends is "coco". it was given to me as a baby by my cousin who was, at the time, very fond of hot cocoa.
2. i deny drinking coffee despite my daily latte fix that i cannot, for the life of me, shake. my denial has also caused me to abstain from learning how to make coffee because, why would i make it if i don't drink it?
3. my favorite condiment is ketchup. i'll even go so far as to order something purely because it goes with ketchup.
4. i drink boiled water like it's tea... but without the tea. 
5. i'm a night owl who longs to be a morning person.
6. i knit obsessively because my hands are always restless. if i don't occupy my hands, i pick at my fingers incessantly.
7. i'm the type of sister who tells her brother that his hair smells, because i know it bothers him.

i tag jenniferschorlemaedchen, and erik.


  1. judging by the project below, you're channeling the excess energy in your fingers to very good use.

  2. you drink boiled water? I've often wondered whether I like tea for the taste or because it's just lovely and hot. I don't have milk or sugar and sometimes if I accidentally make it really weak I wonder if I could have just had a cup of hot water and got the same effect...

  3. Ha ha - I'm the same way. I've been knitting for over 25 years for the same reason.

  4. Oh, thanks Nicole! Love reading these about you...I'm headed on vacation today so I won't have a chance to do this right now but here's one:

    I'm a morning person who longs to sleep past 6:30 am:)

  5. @ali, i think i just like drinking warm beverages and the excess of tea makes me wired :)

    @jeni - have fun!

  6. I heard that your nickname was spelled with a K?

  7. Ah, I will soon get my 7 things together :) thanks or tagging :)

  8. This is so beautiful Nicole. My favorite combo. LOVE LOVE LOVE